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1894-1984. Author, novelist,playwright, essayist, broadcaster, scriptwriter, social commentator and man of letters, whose career straddled the 20th Century.

An Inspector Calls - The Good Companions - Time And The Conways - Priestley's Wars - The Linden Tree - Bright Day - Johnson Over Jordan - The Good Companions - Dangerous Corner - Delight - When We Are Married - Angel Pavement - English Journey - Salt Is Leaving -The Glass Cage - Lost Empires - Man And Time - The Image Men


The Guardian leader 27th January 2012: 'In Praise of...JB Priestley. An outstanding prose realist..with a piercing eye of social reportage and a unique line in imaginative fiction. A writer and a man who is surely ripe for rediscovery.'

A selection of essays by J B Priestley- Grumbling At Large- with an introduction by Valerie Grove, has just been released in a quality hardback edition. Visit: nottinghilleditions.com/books

-It is a lovely thing to hold in the hand..A good essay is like a good cocktail. It goes down relatively quickly but it perks you up no end- The Guardian

....I have always been a grumbler. I was designed for the part, for I have a sagging face, a weighty underlip...a saurian eye, and a rumbling but resonant voice from which it is hard to escape.....